Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Enhancing the Look of a Small Galley Kitchen

Sometimes contemporary kitchen design in smaller rooms can be a struggle. It is not always about the chosen doors and colors. You can not go wring with modern fronts and neutral paints to give the feel of enlarged open space. But to often this looks a little typical. However there are little design points and ideas you can take on board to help really give you that wow factor even in a thin galley kitchen.

Look at the positives of your contemporary kitchen design 

The step to a great modern fitted kitchen design is a positive attitude  Now i know this sounds a little cliche, however a good designer will always look at every opportunity to make a design statement. So when confronted with a small galley kitchen in stead of thinking this is boring with no corners on units or work tops I always view it as a gallery walkway, a cat walk, even an airport runway. This gets me excited because straight away I am thinking lights, reflections and shine.

The right kitchen floor

A good strategy with smaller rooms is of course to add space enhancing features, so maybe I will look to put  in a nice glossy porcelain floor. I like an option like this because on the floor you have a shiny reflective surface which not only gives the appearance of space but also has waterway look to it as light shines off it. Often most floor finishes fall into budget because the floor is such a small area so this does give you many options. I still stick to a few basic rules of thumb such as dark floor light walls, light floor dark walls.

What worktop works?

Door finishes are not to much of an issue in this shape room because modern fitted kitchens come in so many different tastes that nothing seems to look wrong in any situation. But I will say the kitchen furniture doors need the right worktop. Here I would probably say less is more. When putting together your contemporary kitchen design try and choose a solid colored worktop. Anything with lines and shades such as marbles etc just look to busy. It doesn't have the space to breath so you can often end up with a messy and tense look to it. By using solid colors this creates a minimalist side to a large surface area, once again creating the look of space and softening whatever door fronts you have chosen  I will say though that wood is still an option so long as it is a butchers block, the block then follows the direction of the room and this works well.

The kitchens finishing touches

For tiles and paint it is pretty much down to your own taste just try not to use to many tiles if you choose a small size as this creates lots of busy grout lines which a gain can look a bit much. Go for it though with your design as the colors are where you can really put the stamp on your bespoke kitchen.


Now Lets not be tight. You have this cat walk going through your kitchen so why not light it up. You can use plinth lights or even led tap just under the units. This always looks wonderful because it reflects of that glass floor and creates a skyline in water look. When you achieve this you really feel you have something special to show off. Do not be shy either with the lighting, under cabinet lights also add to the beauty. Small rooms love light because light enhances space which in turn enhances the wonderful modern fitted kitchen you have took the time to create.

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