Monday, 11 February 2013

Gloss Kitchen Doors For That Modern look

The kitchen is now an integral feature of family life, the heart of the home and a sociable space for sharing precious time with family and friends. This surge in popularity has brought about huge advances in the way we design the most important room in the house and for this reason contemporary kitchen design is now big business in the UK.
Most modern fitted kitchens are created with the focus on making everyday tasks as convenient  and hassle free as possible and designers are constantly trying to improve the functionality of the kitchen. A kitchen needs to flow effortlessly and this can only be achieved if everything is in the right place, it should be logical and commonly used items should be easily accessible.

Of course for a kitchen to actually sell it also needs to be visually appealing and contemporary kitchens combine the latest technologies with the ultimate in sleek design. Most recently gloss kitchens have been particularly popular as they fit effortlessly into almost any living space from houses to flats or apartments. High gloss modern fitted kitchens come in a range of colours from stylish black, vibrant reds or cool and chic white gloss, but the colour you choose may depend on the size of your kitchen as it can have a big impact on the overall feel of the room. Black gloss works well if you have a large kitchen that is well lit by natural light, complementing the units with statement chrome handles will create a bold designer impression. In a smaller kitchen black gloss can be just too dark and the overall effect will look dim and depressing so this is probably best avoided.
On the other hand a smaller space would benefit from cream or white units that will reflect the light, making the room feel brighter and bigger than it actually is. You can up the designer feel by creating a feature wall or using a bold wall colour for added dramatic effect. Real wood worktops can add warmth and depth to the blank canvas a white kitchen creates.
For contrast why not consider using two different colours, a popular option for those creating bespoke fitted kitchens. A long run of black wall units looks stunning accompanied by white base units, ultra modern and sophisticated design. 

Although a high gloss finish does mark easily it is easy to wipe clean, this makes it particularly appealing to family homes with young children. In order to maintain the appearance of your new high gloss kitchen you should wipe clean the cupboards and drawers regularly to prevent the build up of dirty fingerprints and smears.

Contemporary kitchen design is the interpretation of your own personal tastes, and the flexibility of a gloss kitchen offers you the opportunity to mix and match to create a look that is ideal for you, your family and your lifestyle.

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