Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Would you like to design the kitchen of your dreams?

Planning out the perfect bespoke kitchen might seem overwhelming at first. There are lots of aspects to consider and choices to make. You can come up with your own plan, or work with a professional kitchen designer. Understanding the basic concepts before starting is essential. Read our guide on how to plan your dream kitchen and turn your ideas into reality.

Use Space Efficiently

The first step is to measure the kitchen area and find out exactly how much space you have to work with. You should make the best use out of the space available and maximise your kitchens potential. The style and function of the kitchen design should be balanced against your budget for the project.

The size and shape of the kitchen vary from house to house, but there are a few common types:

- L-shaped
- U-shaped
- Gallery
- Peninsula

Take a look at existing kitchen designs to get an idea on what type you prefer. No matter which style of kitchen you choose, you need to keep it practical. Think about the location of the fridge, hob and sink. You should be able to easily move between these working areas when preparing and cooking food.

Make your kitchen more high tech by including a media centre for watching TV or listening to music. Such elements should be fully integrated into the plan, to ensure a stylish looking design.

A typical example of this can be found here at Mascari with their concealed appliance bank.

Storage Solutions

Having sufficient storage space is required for a usable kitchen. The number and size of the Cupboards, drawers and cabinets should be carefully considered. A well planned design will fit all the storage solutions efficiently for maximum space, while maintaining functionality and a uniform look to the kitchen. Opting for quality material and build design, will ensure everything will stand up to everyday use

Colour Scheme & Lighting

Select a colour scheme that suits the style of the kitchen and the overall feeling you want to convey. You can make the kitchen design uniquely yours, but make sure the colours match well. Choose an appropriate colour for the furniture that fits in with the colour of the kitchen units.

Good lighting is a very important kitchen element. Take into account the location and size of the windows, so you can maximise the amount of natural light you get by keeping that area uncluttered. The type of lighting should reflect the mood you want to create. Create a system where you can switch between lighting for when you are working in the kitchen and sitting around the dining table.

A Bespoke Kitchen Solution

German kitchens are a great choice for a custom made plan. They offer great flexibility in design choices and are highly rated due to their excellent quality. Innovative features and jaw dropping results are just some of the reasons for their rising popularity. The kitchen is a focal point of your home and nothing can beat the style and functionality of a top German kitchen.

For more information on kitchen tips why not visit the Mascari news pages

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